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Dear Customers, Suppliers and interested parties,

Considering the evolution of the pandemic situation regarding COVID-19, TOJALTEC, following the recommendations of national and international entities for the prevention of the pandemic, applies a contingency plan, which includes measures directly related to our customers and suppliers.

With these measures, we intend to protect and safeguard not only the health of our employees, but also everyone else who may be in contact with us.

Thus, from this date on we will take the following actions:

National territory:

1- Containment of visits and face-to-face meetings to the ones strictly necessary. Only meetings with confirmed scheduling and acceptance will be held.

2- Priority to alternative contacts, such as telephone, e-mail, virtual meetings (video conference), replacing the face-to-face ones.

3- In-person visits for technical support will only happen if it is completely impossible to use the alternative means mentioned in point 1, and there is a reserve of human and technical impossibility to consider at the time of the intervention.

4- In the case of a face-to-face visit, there will be mandatory use of the preventive measures included in the contingency plans of the company visited and imposed by our organization.

International Territory:

5- Immediate suspension of all technical visits to our clientes whose countries are referred to as a risk zone.

6- Use of the alternative means mentioned in point 1 for meetings already scheduled.

This contingency will be valid until further notice.

"Every effort to contain the virus and slow the spread SAVES LIVES."